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You don't have to be fancy, rich, or highly educated to be a patron of the arts. Whether you tip 50 cents, or donate a larger amount that's within your means, if you support an artist, you are a patron.


The world needs artists and artists need you. Thank you for your support!

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When you TIP WITH PAYPAL, 100% goes to the artist.

You can use a credit card through PayPal even if you don't have a PayPal account. The artist receives 97.1% (-$0.30) of contributions made this way.

When you TIP WITH BITCOIN 100% of your tip goes to the artist.

Bitcoin is ideal for micro-tipping. Since you won't incur any fees, you can send as little as 25 cents' worth, or as much as a whole bitcoin. It's up to you!

When many people give a little, it makes a big difference!


Art isn't just an object - it's also an experience.

If you enjoyed your experience of my work, or it moved you in some way, you've arrived at the right place to help support me, the artist who made it.


Whereas a busker has their hat or violin case open on the street, it's not a practical method for many artists to take tips. How can you support an artist when you can't purchase their work? Consider this webpage the virtual hat or violin case!




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